Cycling is about you. It’s starts with you. Hiring a coach that understands your goals and your desires and translates that into improvement is one of the most important decisions you can make in your cycling life.

Your coach should view your results and your performance gains as their results. They should view your improvements as their improvements.

Coach Rob Evans doesn’t just mold riders out of the same cookie cutter. He spends time finding out what his riders motivations are, their goals and then writes a plan specifically tailored to that rider. There’s no sending out the same plan to 20 riders and passing it off as individually tailored.

Rob got his first bicycle on a cold and snowy Christmas Day many, winters ago. After years of terrorizing the neighborhood on plastic Big Wheels his conversion to keeping the "rubber side down" began. A few short years later Rob realized he had a competitive talent for riding bicycles fast and turned that into nearly 30 years of racing and cycling from BMX into Road, then Track, with Cyclo-cross and Mountain Biking and on into the rebellious world of unsanctioned urban racing and endurance cross.

Earning the nickname"Rob The Rocket" along the way, Rob raced full time from his late teens into his early 30's in hundreds of National and Internationally ranked races. Despite that experience he considers himself a cyclist first not just a follower of a specific discipline of cycling. Rob brings a lot to the table from these experiences while trying to keep the perspective on a holistic viewpoint of emotions, learning skills and tactics, and ultimately using training stimulus and feedback data to make informed plan decisions.

This elevates Rob from the hordes of data coaches by utilizing those experiences and situational knowledge to help his riders improve. Currently a Level 2 USAC Coach with Power Training Certification and a Level 2 Training Peaks certified coach and power user, Rob is on a unrelenting educational quest to expand his knowledge base and provide cutting edge coaching and methods to make sure his riders get the best instruction and become the best riders they can be.



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